Max, the Boy Who Made a Million

Max, the Boy Who Made a Million



When Max's father is arrested for something the didn't do, Max runs away and joins up with the world famous Master of Illusion, The Great Zapristi. But as Zapristi's assistant - Ali, the Boy Wonder, on a dollar a week, he can't earn enough money to clear his father's name and get him out of prison. Could he do it as Mighty Max, the Pocket Ringmaster at Gonzago's Circus? Dare he do it as himself, Maximilian Rich, the Boy Who Walks the Tightrope?

Join Max on his adventures - through lions' cages, storms at sea and dazzling feats of bravery - from New York to the Niagara Falls. A story that will have you roaring for more!

Sequel: Maisie, the Girl Who Lost Her Head


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