Who are you? What exactly do you do?

I live in London and I get about by bus and underground.  I met a man at the bus stop today who recognised me.  Sort of.  'You're that Gyles Brandreth, aren't you?' he said.  'I know you, don't I?'  'Do you?' I asked.  'Yes,' he said, 'but I'm not sure why.  What exactly do you do?'  The honest answer is 'a bit of this and that' - a bit of radio, a bit of TV, a bit of theatre, a bit of writing, this and that.  I like doing different things.  I like variety.  For example, last week, on MONDAY I had a fun day: I went to Bedford to address the massed ranks of the Bedfordshire Federation of WIs, and in the evening I recorded an episode of QI with Sandi Toksvig, Alan Davies, Jimmy Carr and Sally Phillips.  On TUESDAY I was at my desk all day working of a new book: if I get it finished in time it will be out in October.  WEDNESDAY was my wife's birthday (she shares it with Albert Einstein and Michael Caine - not a lot of people know that) and we went out for lunch and dinner and, in between, attended a moving service at St Paul's Cathedral marking the 175th anniversary of HMP Pentonville.  (The Princess Royal presided and I read an extract from 'De Profundis' by Oscar Wilde, who was a prisoner at Pentonville in 1895 and 1897.  I am the president of the Oscar Wilde Society: http://oscarwildesociety.co.uk/  )  On THURSDAY I spent the morning filming a report for The One Show, the afternoon recording interviews for a Radio 4 documentary about the art of persuasion, and the evening hosting an awards ceremony at a hotel in Park Lane.  It was a late night. followed by an early start, because on FRIDAY, as Chancellor of the University of Chester, I spent the day in the matchless setting of Chester Cathedral conferring degrees on several hundred graduate and post-graduate students, and honorary degrees on Sir Peter Fahy, the former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, Countess of Chester.  That was another fun day.  On SATURDAY I was back in London and back at the desk.  That's where I am now.  I've got to get on with the book.  1,000 words a day - that's the target.

Gyles Brandreth